My Prostate Orgasm Video Beats Out The Competition

Prostate Orgasm Video| What Makes My Video Different From Others| I Will Teach You Techniques You Won’t Learn Elsewhere

The Making of My Prostate Orgasm Video

I was sitting in my bedroom one night, and I had the weirdest thought pop into my head. I am always talking to guys about how great prostate stimulation feels, but yet, I’m still on the wire when it comes to watching a prostate orgasm video. So, for guys like me, I decided that I am going to make my own prostate orgasm video.

Now, before you decide to venture away from this page, give me a second to explain. I am a very visual person. I like to watch people do something before I attempt to try it on myself. I’m pretty sure, there are a lot of other guys who can honestly admit that they feel the exact same way. For some reason, when you have something you can watch, it’s easier to mimic what the other person is doing. This is one of the main reasons why porn is so popular.

People don’t want to be porn stars, they just want to know the secrets behind what the porn stars know. I made an outline of certain things that I would like to include in my video. I’m curious to know what you guys think. First, I want my prostate orgasm video to be more about technique, instead of just watching me push a toy in and out of anus and cum all over myself.

Porn stars aren’t ones for talking, and the ones that do normally don’t make any sense. In my prostate orgasm video, I want to walk guys through how to milk this area of their bodies. The video will start out with me telling you a little bit about what a prostate orgasm is, and why you should not be embarrassed if you want to have one.

I will show you how to apply lube to your anus, to ensure that insertion does not hurt and also teach you guys a few of my own relaxation techniques that have helped me make prostate stimulation even more enjoyable. After I have pretty much spilled my emotional guts, I will spill my internal ones as well.

I will take you through how to do the finger method for prostate stimulation, and then later incorporate some toys into the mix. Using toys during a prostate orgasm video is a little risky, but there are tons of guys that have done it and thoroughly enjoy it. I want to show every guy how incredible it is to cum from stimulating their prostate glands.

So, what do you think? Do you think that my prostate orgasm video will answer all of the questions that all of your guys have about prostate stimulation? I certainly hope so, because I’m going to be working on this video all night so I can upload it and show all of you guys.

Guys I promise my prostate orgasm video is not going to be extremely graphic and show me rubbing on my cock while I’m stimulating my prostate gland. Instead, I’m going to show you through my video how to spew your load all over the place, just by playing with your prostate gland.

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