Fleshlight Reviews: The Original Fleshlight Gives You Pleasure With Visual Effects Added Into The Mix

Fleshlight Reviews| The Original Fleshlight Is The Toy That Started It All| Using The Original Fleshlight

Fleshlight Reviews: My Personal Encounter With The Original Fleshlight

Whenever I see a few Original Fleshlight reviews, I am instantly taken back to where this incredible line of male masturbators started. The Original Fleshlight was the first Fleshlight that was made by the creator of these innovative toys, and over time these toys have been like fine wine. The funny thing is a lot of the Original Fleshlight reviews that I run across say a few words about the toy and then proceed to go on and talk about other Fleshlight toys that are apart of the same series.

Even though the Original Fleshlight reviews do not get a lot of recognition these days, I believe they should. The Original Fleshlight is still a great toy, regardless what way you want to look at it. This toy was made to resemble the appearance of a female’s vagina, along its anterior surface, but along its backend portion, there is a long flashlight appearing.

There are a few things that help to differentiate this male sex toy from the other Fleshlights that are available in the same line. One of the things that is different about this toy is it lacks an interior ribbed surface like the other Fleshlights that are available in the same series. Instead of taking your cock across ribbed interior sections, the inside portion of the Original Fleshlight is surprisingly smooth.

However, the smoothness of the toy does not take away from the amount of tightness that you will feel once your cock is buried inside of this toy. The only thing that you need in order to have an enjoyable time using the Original Fleshlight is a bottle of water based lubricant.

Apply the lubricant to your cock, slide your hard cock into the small front opening shown on the toy and do whatever you want to this toy; however you want to do it. The Original Fleshlight is not going to tell you to stop, it’s not going to tell you to slow down, hell it’s not going to tell you anything because it is built for your pleasure.

For being the first Fleshlight that started an incredible series of male masturbators, there are not a lot of ill things that I can say about the Original Fleshlight. Putting aside my personal feelings that I feel towards certain other Fleshlights in the series, the Original Fleshlight was an innovative toy of its time and it’s still an incredible toy that delivers incredible sensations.

The Original Fleshlight concentrates all of its energy on giving you an orgasmic experience that does not have any room for words. Once you have buried your hard cock inside of the toy, you will not want to stop using it until you have squired your load along the interior portion of the Original Fleshlight. One plus to these toys is they are extremely easy to clean. When your ready to clean the toy after you have used it, simply pop the back cap off and rinse it out with water, let it dry, and then your ready to get it wet all over again.

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