A G-Spot Vibrator Can Stimulate A Ladies Internal And External G-spot

What Does A G-spot Vibrator Do?

Do the words intense mind blowing orgasms mean anything to you, or Fap Job? If not, then you are definitely missing something in your life, and that something is a good g-spot vibrator. A g-spot vibrator can help you obtain the type of orgasms that you have only dreamed about, because it is specially tailored to stimulate your g-spot, thus sending you into a euphoric state, where bliss can be achieved.

Now, before you get carried away with a picture of yourself squirting all over the place from an explosive orgasm, there are a few things that you must know about the female g-spot and especially about the different types of g-spot vibrators that exist. Before I can get into all of that, I want to ensure that every woman is aware of where her g-spot is and how to find it, so here you go:

Where Is The Female G-Spot Located?

The female g-spot is an area that can be located inside of the anterior wall of a ladies vagina. In an attempt to locate where your g-spot is, I suggest inserting a finger inside of your vagina, and curling it upwards towards your belly button. You may feel a small bit of spongy flesh, that when touched sends a warm sensation through your body.

If you are currently experiencing this sensation, then you have correctly identified where your g-spot is. There are some women that once their g-spots are stimulated, will automatically feel like they have to urinate. If you suddenly feel this way, do not fret, this a perfectly normal sensation.

What Do G-Spot Vibrators Look Like?

The only way that you can tell if you have purchased a g-spot vibrator is to look at the shape of the toy. A g-spot vibrator will have a distinguished appearing top surface that is designed to hit your female g-spot, every time that it is used. The girth and lengths of a g-spot vibrator can differ significantly as well. In most cases, the g-spot vibrators that you will find will be roughly around five to seven inches long and measure about an inch and a half in girth.

There are a lot of g-spot vibrators that can perform different stimulating tasks at one time. For example, some toys that are being made for g-spot stimulation will have a separate attachment on them that is designed to massage a woman’s clitoris and internal g-spot at the same time. The clitoris, which is commonly compared to the male prostate gland, will give you a different orgasm altogether.

Take it from me, I have personally orgasmed from clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation, and to tell you the truth I actually prefer an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. The type of orgasm that you can experience when you are pinpointing a females two prime erogenous areas are out of this world. After experiencing my first ever clitoral orgasm, I have never thought about female masturbation the same. I finally found something that I can do to completely pleasure me, and no one else.

Fleshlight Reviews: The Original Fleshlight Gives You Pleasure With Visual Effects Added Into The Mix

Fleshlight Reviews| The Original Fleshlight Is The Toy That Started It All| Using The Original Fleshlight

Fleshlight Reviews: My Personal Encounter With The Original Fleshlight

Whenever I see a few Original Fleshlight reviews, I am instantly taken back to where this incredible line of male masturbators started. The Original Fleshlight was the first Fleshlight that was made by the creator of these innovative toys, and over time these toys have been like fine wine. The funny thing is a lot of the Original Fleshlight reviews that I run across say a few words about the toy and then proceed to go on and talk about other Fleshlight toys that are apart of the same series.

Even though the Original Fleshlight reviews do not get a lot of recognition these days, I believe they should. The Original Fleshlight is still a great toy, regardless what way you want to look at it. This toy was made to resemble the appearance of a female’s vagina, along its anterior surface, but along its backend portion, there is a long flashlight appearing.

There are a few things that help to differentiate this male sex toy from the other Fleshlights that are available in the same line. One of the things that is different about this toy is it lacks an interior ribbed surface like the other Fleshlights that are available in the same series. Instead of taking your cock across ribbed interior sections, the inside portion of the Original Fleshlight is surprisingly smooth.

However, the smoothness of the toy does not take away from the amount of tightness that you will feel once your cock is buried inside of this toy. The only thing that you need in order to have an enjoyable time using the Original Fleshlight is a bottle of water based lubricant.

Apply the lubricant to your cock, slide your hard cock into the small front opening shown on the toy and do whatever you want to this toy; however you want to do it. The Original Fleshlight is not going to tell you to stop, it’s not going to tell you to slow down, hell it’s not going to tell you anything because it is built for your pleasure.

For being the first Fleshlight that started an incredible series of male masturbators, there are not a lot of ill things that I can say about the Original Fleshlight. Putting aside my personal feelings that I feel towards certain other Fleshlights in the series, the Original Fleshlight was an innovative toy of its time and it’s still an incredible toy that delivers incredible sensations.

The Original Fleshlight concentrates all of its energy on giving you an orgasmic experience that does not have any room for words. Once you have buried your hard cock inside of the toy, you will not want to stop using it until you have squired your load along the interior portion of the Original Fleshlight. One plus to these toys is they are extremely easy to clean. When your ready to clean the toy after you have used it, simply pop the back cap off and rinse it out with water, let it dry, and then your ready to get it wet all over again.

My Prostate Orgasm Video Beats Out The Competition

Prostate Orgasm Video| What Makes My Video Different From Others| I Will Teach You Techniques You Won’t Learn Elsewhere

The Making of My Prostate Orgasm Video

I was sitting in my bedroom one night, and I had the weirdest thought pop into my head. I am always talking to guys about how great prostate stimulation feels, but yet, I’m still on the wire when it comes to watching a prostate orgasm video. So, for guys like me, I decided that I am going to make my own prostate orgasm video.

Now, before you decide to venture away from this page, give me a second to explain. I am a very visual person. I like to watch people do something before I attempt to try it on myself. I’m pretty sure, there are a lot of other guys who can honestly admit that they feel the exact same way. For some reason, when you have something you can watch, it’s easier to mimic what the other person is doing. This is one of the main reasons why porn is so popular.

People don’t want to be porn stars, they just want to know the secrets behind what the porn stars know. I made an outline of certain things that I would like to include in my video. I’m curious to know what you guys think. First, I want my prostate orgasm video to be more about technique, instead of just watching me push a toy in and out of anus and cum all over myself.

Porn stars aren’t ones for talking, and the ones that do normally don’t make any sense. In my prostate orgasm video, I want to walk guys through how to milk this area of their bodies. The video will start out with me telling you a little bit about what a prostate orgasm is, and why you should not be embarrassed if you want to have one.

I will show you how to apply lube to your anus, to ensure that insertion does not hurt and also teach you guys a few of my own relaxation techniques that have helped me make prostate stimulation even more enjoyable. After I have pretty much spilled my emotional guts, I will spill my internal ones as well.

I will take you through how to do the finger method for prostate stimulation, and then later incorporate some toys into the mix. Using toys during a prostate orgasm video is a little risky, but there are tons of guys that have done it and thoroughly enjoy it. I want to show every guy how incredible it is to cum from stimulating their prostate glands.

So, what do you think? Do you think that my prostate orgasm video will answer all of the questions that all of your guys have about prostate stimulation? I certainly hope so, because I’m going to be working on this video all night so I can upload it and show all of you guys.

Guys I promise my prostate orgasm video is not going to be extremely graphic and show me rubbing on my cock while I’m stimulating my prostate gland. Instead, I’m going to show you through my video how to spew your load all over the place, just by playing with your prostate gland.

My Top Rabbit Dildo Techniques To Create Mind Blowing Orgasms

Rabbit Dildo| How Many Different Ways Can You Use This Adult Sex Toy?| Rabbit Dildo Techniques

Different Ways That You Can Use Your Rabbit Dildo

A rabbit dildo sometimes referred to as a bunny vibrator or a rabbit vibrator is a nifty little toy. This adult sex toy is actually two toys in one. It has a normal shaped dildo that looks like a male’s penis and a built on clitoral stimulator. The attached clitoral stimulator emulates the appearance of rabbit ears, which is where this toy got its name.

One question that I hear a lot from girls that are interested in trying this toy out is how they can receive the maximum amount of pleasure from simply using this toy. Well, there are several different things that you can do with the rabbit dildo that will customize your masturbation experience with the toy each and every time you use it.

Put The Toy On It’s Highest Speed

The rabbit dildo has the ability to switch between a low vibrating speed and a high vibrating speed. A faster vibrating speed will stimulate your clitoris a lot more than the slower moving speed. Bear in mind that while you are stimulating your external sexual parts, the shaft section of the toy will be inserted inside of your vagina, stimulating this portion of your body as well.

Use Just The Clitoral Stimulator

There are times when I just want to experience some clitoral stimulation, and not be penetrated by anything. Thankfully, the rabbit dildo allows me to do just that. If you want to have a mind blowing clit orgasm, than the rabbit dildo is your type of toy.


Double The Pleasure

One of the main reasons why I fell in love with the rabbit dildo to begin with is because it allows me to experience double the pleasure and double the fun. While vibrating against my clitoris, the shaft portion of the toy can be inserted inside of my vagina. This toy will always hit you in the right spot, which is the g-spot.

Partner Interaction

I am a sex toy freak. Every sex toy that I own and use I have used with a partner as well as in a solo act. The rabbit dildo is no exception. In fact, regardless if your partner is female or male, both of you guys can receive incredible feelings when this toy is in use. One thing that I like to do with my husband, is place the clitoral stimulator on my clit, and then every time that he pushes his cock inside of me, he gets to feel the vibrations against the base of his member.

Discover New Sexual Positions

The rabbit dildo will make you want to explore different areas of your body, and try new things. Just because the toy features two main areas, this does not mean you always have to use the toy in the same way. The basic laying on your back position may work for some women, but for women that are adventurous, I encourage you to use your creativity to help give yourself a different masturbation experience every time that you use this toy.

Five Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Rabbit Dildo

Rabbit Dildo| The Benefits of Owning And Using A Rabbit Dildo| Rabbit Dildo Techniques

Top Five Reasons Why You Need A Rabbit Dildo

A rabbit dildo is what I would consider to be a unique women’s sex toy. The toy was given its name because of a small appendage that hangs from it that appears to emulate rabbit ears. There are two different toys that are included on this one toy. The rabbit dildo has a long shaft section that resembles a male’s penis, along with a clitoral stimulator that looks just like a pair of rabbit ears.

The rabbit dildo can do things to your body that other women’s sex toys do not come close to. I personally own a rabbit dildo, and I could not consider masturbating without reaching for this clever little toy. To give you an idea of what you may be missing out on, I created a list that gives some of the main reasons why you should own your very own rabbit dildo.

A rabbit dildo stimulates the vagina. – The toy consists of two parts; the shaft portion of the toy is what is used to stimulate your female g-spot from the inside. This toy will emulate the typical thrust movements that are made during sexual intercourse, allowing you to fantasize that someone else is pleasing you, not the other way around.

The rabbit dildo is a dual stimulation adult sex toy. – Not only does the rabbit dildo have a fully working shaft that can be inserted inside of you for vaginal stimulation, this toy also features a clitoral stimulator that is designed to stimulate the outer surface of your vagina. The clitoris is an extremely sensitive area of a ladies body, when this body part is stimulated; women experience some of the most pleasurable orgasms that they have ever had.

The rabbit dildo is easy to take care. – Depending on the type of materials that your rabbit dildo is made from, caring for the toy is not that difficult to do. In fact, there are several ways that the toy can be cleaned. The main way that I clean my toys is by using baby wipes to wipe them down. These wipes are safe, and they will not damage the vibrating mechanisms that are located inside of the toy.

You never have to wait for your rabbit dildo to “be in the mood”. – Rabbit dildos are toys, so they are always ready when you are ready. Unlike men, that have to be in the mood in order to have sex, a rabbit dildo is in the mood when you are. Simply turn it on, lean back and enjoy yourself.

The rabbit dildo can be used with a partner. – I love sex toys, but aside from that I love my husband as well. I have found a way to get the best of both worlds, by using my rabbit dildo in the bed with my husband and I. After he picks a hole to insert his cock into, I pick a place that I want the rabbit dildo to stimulate- it’s a win-win situation.